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Scribble Box has been doing workshops in schools for the last five years, from film clubs, to film in a day workshop, to delivering creative arts longterm as part of the school's program of delivery.


We have created films in Maths, English, Science, History and PHSE, all of our workshops work with the teacher to reinforce learning. We work with the teacher to support the students to research, scriptwriting and work as a team to develop their own film. 

Scribble Box has worked with a range of education charities such as The Ann Frank Trust, making anti-hate films in schools. We have worked on some amazing projects with students of all ages. 

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Use of Photo and Video Footage

We can delete images at any time please let us know if you know longer want an image on social media or our website. 

Image realise and consent forms are signed on enrolment 

Tel: 0792500220 to speak to Jenny Creative Director

Copyright Material 

From time to time students may use copyrighted material for educational purposes. 

Students may use music and visual for education purposes.